If you are looking for ideas regarding a visit to the West Coast, let us help. With our small, luxury vehicles, we have the ability to take you off the beaten path in comfort, and visit some of the places unique to our region.

If nature is something you wish to experience more of, look no further than Tofino, the Great Bear Rainforest (check out what National Geographic has said about this amazing location). We have some of the largest trees in the world, right here in the forests of British Columbia.

Perhaps a whale watching, or salmon fishing trip interests you.

Perhaps a longer trip taking you further north, to the Yukon or Alaska is something you have dreamt about.

Multi-Day trips departing from Vancouver, or beginning at the location of your choice are possible.

Take a look through our pictures and links. If something piques your interest, inquire below and we can will help plan your tour.

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